What would you do if suddenly you had pounds of beautiful
citrus?  My family and I started eating a lot of oranges and
then juicing them and even grilling them (YUM!) After trying
orange bread and lime cookies, it dawned on me that I
might try making marmalade.  After the first batch I was
hooked.  I like to can my vegetables, but there isn't much
creativity involved with it.  Marmalade lets me add my own
signature flavors.  I'm not as sophisticated as a wine maker
is with the subtle blending of the fruit, but our marmalade
taste good just the same.

It may sound unusual, but Grapefruit Marmalade is really
good!  Grapefruit marmalade is the best on homemade
bread.  It is also helpful for getting my kids to eat fish.  I
spoon a bit of it on white fish before we grill it and the
caramelization hides the fish texture and taste that my kids
don't like.

The most versatile flavor would have to be the Bearss Lime
Marmalade.  It tastes great poured over some chicken
breasts then baked in the oven.  Caramelized Lime Chicken
is one of my kid's favorite recipes and one of the easiest
dinners to make.  We offer two varieties of the Bearss Lime
Marmalade, the deep amber course cut; which I prefer on
chicken, and the lighter fine cut, which is really good on
vanilla ice cream or on toast.

Of course we have the old standby; Orange Marmalade, that
is if we haven't juiced all of the oranges before we make the
jelly!  Sometimes I jazz it up with some cinnamon or mix up
a few different citrus including Satsuma Tangerines together
for Mixed Citrus Marmalade.  

When the season is right, usually around the end of
August/September we have
Brown Turkey Figs and Green
Conadria Figs and that means we can make
Fig Compote.  
There are quite a few food items we have experimented on
with this concoction, but I would have to say my favorite is
Brie with Fig Compote poured on top.  This tastes wonderful
with some crunchy French bread or crackers.

We have planted many other trees so I hope to get some
more fruit to experiment with.  Sadly, the squirrels climbed
my stone fruit trees and ate all of my peaches and
nectarines this year, so I won't be making peach pie.  Now
that we know how much these critters like our stone fruit,
we will be looking for ways to protect the fruit for next year.

If you would like to taste what Rabbit Hill Ranch has to offer,
you can purchase a jar and we will get it right out to you.  
There is a discount for purchasing a dozen jars (get one free
+ an extra dollar for good measure).  You will be charged
exactly what we pay the USPS for shipping and there is no
additional handling fee.

contact us if you have any comments, questions or
Grapefruit Marmalade
Bearss Lime Course Cut Marmalade
Bearss Lime Fine Cut Marmalade
Navel Orange Marmalade
Citrus Mix Marmalade
Turkey Fig Compote
For US orders, I send everything via the United States Postal Service.  Basically, I
try to use the smallest box I can along with the packing material. I will charge you
exactly what I pay for shipping.  I can fit up to 8 marmalade jars in a FRB1 box so
your shipping charge for 1-8 jars will be $11.35.  I can fit a dozen in the Domestic
Large Flat Rate Box so the charge would be $15.45.  I do give a $7 discount for
ordering a dozen jars, so your discount makes up for the difference.

I will contact you directly with the shipping charges for International orders.
Coming Soon...
Candied Citrus Peel