We now offer scanning and printing services for your scrapbook pages up to 12" x 17".  Our large scanner will provide
high resolution files of your precious art work without having to do any digital knitting of the files.  Files can then be
reused in a multitude of ways.  It is an excellent way to provide all the members of your family a copy of your
handiwork.  Files can also be used to upload to your social networks, submit for publication, digital photo frames and
for scrapbook backup.  We also have a 12" wide printer that can print beautiful copies of your 12 x 12 scrapbook

Retreat customers can use the scanner for free while attending a retreat.  The printer costs $1.50 per page to print.  
You supply your own white paper or purchase at our store on-site for .50cents per sheet.  

We can also do the scanning and printing for you.  Call or contact me
here for an estimate.